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Songline Systems News

This page will be updated with news, stories and events related to the Cell Matrix, the Songline Processor and EEXIST, as well as with information about the website itself.

22 Mar 2017

Re-worked the EEXIST Code page to better highlight the API. Heading towards a better code dump for sample drivers.

20 Mar 2017

Added links to API how-to videos. Also started Research page.

12 Mar 2017

Added links to the full V1 API including sample code, documentation, and a standalone playground for experimenting with various knob settings. All links can be found on the EEXIST API page.

7 Mar 2017

Initial API uploaded to GitLab

17 Jan 2017

Uploaded and linked to MOD-88 resources; slides from Villanova talk; and book chapter on self-organizing digital systems.

12 Jan 2017

Linked more old software and papers. Cleaned up inconsistencies across pages.

11 Jan 2017

Added a Resources section to the Cell Matrix area. Uploaded and linked numerous papers, slides and references to other work.

10 Jan 2017

Added a NEWS section; modified sections of the Cell Matrix area. Uploaded and linked a pair of videos given at PSU; video of N. Macias' dissertation defense; and approximately 18 hours worth of video from a semester-long Cell Matrix class given at Virginia Tech several years ago.

8 Jan 2017

Initial version of website completed, with some links in place to online resources.