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Egoless EXtended effect contInuous Space Time (EEXIST)

EEXIST further extends the Songline Processor, eliminating the discretization in both space and time, while also distributing effects across an infinite extent, and infusing subject/object non-dualism to the deepest levels of the system.


General discussion of the EEXIST concept

EEXIST is a further extension of the Cell Matrix and the Songline Processor (SLP). Whereas the SLP replaces binary truth table values with real numbers, it still imposes a sense of spatial discretization...


Links to source code and related resources.

This section contains links to GitLab repositories containting source code related to EEXIST. There is also documentation of the major functions, etc. within the simulation system, plus videos on using the code.


Videos discussing EEXIST concepts and
demonstrating available software.

These videos cover the development and theory of EEXIST, plus demos of the simulator.


Discussions on potential application areas for EEXIST

It's unclear exactly what the EEXIST system is best suited for, but the system seems well suited to dynamic behaviors. It may be useful for mimicking existing processes/patterns, or for learning and recognizing observed patterns...


Comments on historical and future development of EEXIST

Some of the initial work with EEXIST was based on trying to evolve a system that would respond to an influx of chemicals in one part of the system by infusing chemicals into nearby regions. This system actually evolved fairly quickly...

Future Work

Anticipated areas of work/wish list

Just as an example application: imagine a photon receptor that responds to light by changing the chemical balance in a section of the system. Expose the sensor to a (virtual) light source, and let the chemical balances change. Now...