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Other Cell Matrix Resources


Villanova 2007 talk and slides

Presentation slides from the 2002 Symposium on Evolvability and Individuality, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, U.K.

Slides from presentation at BLISS 2009 on InfoSec implications of the Cell Matrix

Presentation to BAE on using the Cell Matrix as a fabrication process driver.

General talk on the Cell Matrix (2000)

A more philosophical, higher-level talk on the Cell Matrix

Talk on application of the Cell Matrix to genetic algorithms

Cell Matrix talk at PSU, Erie, PA (2003) 

A few slides related to the self-repairing supercell-based work 

Other Projects

VHDL implementation of a Cell Matrix, by Peter Athanas

Raw files from a 2004 VLSI class at Virginia Tech, where students implemented a Cell Matrix on top of an FPGA

Implementation of (most of) an IEEE-754 floating point package on the Cell Matrix

Raw files related to the parallel heat equation solver for N. Macias' dissertation

Raw files from 1999 work on application of the Cell Matrix to genetic algorithms

A small parser written in the early 80s and based on the TRANS package in VAX Macro. This was used for many of the parsing tasks in early Cell Matrix tools.