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This text discusses research on EEXIST - an unconventional approach to computing based on intermingled interactions among homologous agents. The book summarizes key aspects from the Cell Matrix and the Songline Processor, and discusses how lessons learned from those efforts led to the development of EEXIST.

The 2nd edition of this extends the work to a 2-D domain. It also explores the introduction of free will into the system. The text is available as a free pdf download. If you want a printed hardcover copy, you can get one from Amazon.

The first edition (research through October 2017) of the book is still available as a free PDF (published under a Creative Commons License). There's also a 6x9 version and a 6x9 B&W version.

If you want a bound, printed version, these are also available at Amazon, in both black and white ($4.99) and full color ($19.99), as well as a Kindle edition ($2.00)

For more information, you can visit the author page at Amazon as well.