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Songline Processor Code

All the code, files, documetation, etc. related to the simulation and development of SLP configurations is available on GITLab. It's not very well organized, but most everything should be there. Here's a breakdown from the README:

There are a number of items in this reposirtory.

See SUMMARY for the major pieces. SETUP-bash sets up a number of aliases and

symbols to assist with the basic simulation process. AIO runs the

simulated analog interface; compile compiles a .txt file into a .bin; and

main reads a bin and cfg file and simulates its behavior.

arduino contains source code for the arduino-based hardware interface.

dist contains the main AIO jar file

AnalogIO contains the netbeans dir for the AnalogIO interface, including all source code.

documentation includes drawings and schematics for the hardware interface.

work includes sample input files (.txt and .cfg)