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Cell Matrix-Related Videos

The following is a mostly unordered list of videos related to the Cell Matrix and Cell Matrix research.

Complete Video (~18 hours) from a Cell Matrix Course at VT

In 2009, Nick Macias taught a semester-length Cell Matrix class at Virginia Tech. This is, to date, the most complete, comprehensive treatment of Cell Matrix basics, including wire-building and other dynamic aspects. This playlist contains all 28 video recordings of the lectures. 

Doctoral Dissertation, Nicholas Macias, 2011: Self-Modifying Circuitry for Efficient, Defect-Tolerant Handling of Trillion-Element Reconfigurable Devices

The video recording of this defense can be found here. You can also look at a copy of the slides and personal presentation notes.

Nuts and Bold Ideas Presentation

Video of a talk given at Portland State University, presenting the idea of using the Cell Matrix as a distributed control system for the implementation of artificial matter. Here is a copy of the slides.

Portland State University Talk on the Cell Matrix

This video has overlap with N. Macias' dissertation defense, but also introduces the concept of an analog Cell Matrix, as well as the Songline Processor. Here is a copy of the slides

Lecture at Villanova, 2007

In 2007, Cell Matrix Corporation explored some collaboration with the computer science department at Villanova, to explore ideas in hardware/software co-compilation. This talk was part of that collaboration.