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Songline Systems News

This page will be updated with news, stories and events related to the Cell Matrix, the Songline Processor and EEXIST, as well as with information about the website itself.

28 Sept 2017

A draft of a text on EEXIST is now available on The PDF is free and published under a Creative Commons license, meaning you can download it, share it, etc. If you want a printed copy, you can buy one through Amazon for $18.99. A link will be provided here once it's available and the book has been proofed.

Most news updates are now announced via Twitter. Feel free to follow for the latest news and updates.

8 June 2017 PM

Evolved frequency detector: input [0,4] oscillates every 4 or 8 ticks; output [24,28] is 0 for faster frequency, 1 for lower.

Cleaned up EEXIST API code to add cursors to detail pane, eliminate null-pointer exceptions, display x loc vs. bin #, and prevent scrolling below x-zoom=1.

Frequency detector (ea3) includes a delay command ("d msec") for pausing between sim steps. Useful for monitoring how the system develops into its final state.

8 June 2017

The genome is a series of floating point number. I tried re-writing the genome history using only 2 digits after the decimal point, and the circuits no longer behave correctly. Tried 3 digits, still not working. At 6 digits it works perfectly. Is this solution chaotic?

7 June 2017

Evolved 3-input NAND gate. Since the entire system is devoid of chemicals other than the inputs, an input of (0,0,0) will necessarily have no effect. So I've changed the 1/0 setting as follow: INPUT low=5, high=20. OUTPUT: below 10=low, above 15=high

6 June 2017

Evolved a 3-input XOR. Feels like this is pretty easy now.

5 June 2017

Finally evolved a 2-input XOR gate. Bumping the mutation rate to 5% seems to have made a big difference!

21 May 2017

Beginning with gen 20, every 10th gen also uses out-of-band score to control survival/mating.

20 May 2017

Changed input/output regions to match location of each gene (0-4, 4-8, etc.) This seemed to significantly improve evolvability

19 May 2017

Running in-band tests and using score to control mating etc; plus out-of-band tests just to see how they do. Some of the out-of-band tests actually seem plretty close.

14 May 2017

Evolving XOR with random tests: many reach 5600; one reached 6264. Doesn't seem very reproducible. The prior 6400 was probably matching the intended output pattern, rather than responding to input (and was also when both sdFlow and equilibrium were set to true). Questions: - can we re-evolve *without* the inputs changing? If not, what is it responding to? Is it doubling a frequency? - Then, can we evolve more-complex patterns???

22 Mar 2017

Re-worked the EEXIST Code page to better highlight the API. Heading towards a better code dump for sample drivers.

20 Mar 2017

Added links to API how-to videos. Also started Research page.

12 Mar 2017

Added links to the full V1 API including sample code, documentation, and a standalone playground for experimenting with various knob settings. All links can be found on the EEXIST API page.

7 Mar 2017

Initial API uploaded to GitLab

17 Jan 2017

Uploaded and linked to MOD-88 resources; slides from Villanova talk; and book chapter on self-organizing digital systems.

12 Jan 2017

Linked more old software and papers. Cleaned up inconsistencies across pages.

11 Jan 2017

Added a Resources section to the Cell Matrix area. Uploaded and linked numerous papers, slides and references to other work.

10 Jan 2017

Added a NEWS section; modified sections of the Cell Matrix area. Uploaded and linked a pair of videos given at PSU; video of N. Macias' dissertation defense; and approximately 18 hours worth of video from a semester-long Cell Matrix class given at Virginia Tech several years ago.

8 Jan 2017

Initial version of website completed, with some links in place to online resources.