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The Cell Matrix

The Cell Matrix was developed in 1986 with a goal of blurring the line between hardware and software. Drawing inspiration from natural systems, one of the founding ideas was to create a system incorporating two points of view --  subject and object -- in a single architecture.


General information on the Cell Matrix

The Cell Matrix is an architecture for a novel type of computing engine, employing reconfigurable hardware with an intrinsic capability to self-modify...


Some historical background on the Cell Matrix

The Cell Matrix was first conceived in 1986 by Larry Henry, Murali Raju and Nicholas Macias as part of a graduate VLSI class project at George Washington University...


Potential application areas

There are numerous potential applications for the Cell Matrix architecture, but they fall into a few broad categories...


Links to open-source code for Cell Matrix tools

This page has a collection of various software tools related to the Cell Matrix. Most of these were developed only for internal use, and as such...

Online Course

A collection of videos, written material and exercises that cover the basic concepts of the Cell Matrix. The course is unfinished: some of the later sections still need to be added, but it's a decent introduction to the architecture.


Overview of different hardware implementations of the Cell Matris architecture

The first hardware prototype of the Cell Matrix was made in 1986, using 2 micron cMOS in a 64-pin DIP to create a 3x4-cell matrix...


Links to Cell Matrix-related videos of various talks and presentations.

Papers and Publications

Bibliography of patents, papers and other publications

Here is a partial bibliography of Cell Matrix-related work. This is a work-in-progress, and will be updated as appropriate...

Other Resources

Links to a variety of resources, including papers, talks and historical information

Other Cell Matrix Websites

Links to both the original (technical) Cell Matrix website and the newer business-oriented version.