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Resources related to a Java-callable interface
to the simulated EEXIST system.


Main API is a jar file you can link your own Java code to in order to interact with the EEXIST simulator.

Playground.jar is a runnable jar file that lets you interact with the EEXIST simulator. Sliders let you control the display intensity, scope of effects, and changing in the diameter of inter-tube connections. Normally, a new randomly-generated individual is loaded in the beginning of each displayh cycle. The "cycle" checkbox lets you freeze the current individual, causing their initial configuration to be re-loaded each time the simulation restarts.

Sample Code contains some main programs that work with the API. "r" and "c" are 1-line scripts for running and compiling your code (you may need to adjust the path to the API, as well as the separator (';' or ':') in the -cp switch

API on GitLab This is the full repository of all source code related to the EEXIST simulation system.


JavaDoc for API This is standard JavaDoc-style documentation for the API, including the EEXIST, Display, Individual, an ControlPanel classes.

How-To Videos Short examples of using the EEXIST API to run some basic experiments, including setting up a control panel.

Videos explaining the newest developments in EEXIST evolvability experiments; evolution of a 3-input XOR gate; 3-input NAND gate; and a frequency discriminator.

Overview of experiments in conrtol of a virtual ecosystem's creatures using EEXIST.